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No  1   Issued by the S.F.S.  Sunday, Feb 20


Borrowing the word from Norman Ashfield, (attention, semanticists!), we are issuing this 'Minor' as an 'interim report', before we complete the printing of S.F.N. 2.

Its main purpose is to bring to the notice of our members the announcement of the LONCON on page 3.

A copy of this was distributed with every issue of the last 'Fantasy Review', and nearly a hundred more have been sent out to s-f readers who are neither subscribers to 'Fantasy Review' or members of the S.F.S.

As the production of this leaflet has slightly delayed SFN 2, and we are not certain that all our members are 'F.R.' readers (we'd like some data from those who are not, incidentally), in view of the time limits mentioned in the leaflet, the sooner it is circulated, the better.

SFN 2 will be published next weekend. It should consist of 20 pages, but may run up to 24. If any one has an ad. or announcement for it, there's still time to squeeze it in!

We are distributing with this Minor the first issue of Mike Tealby's 'WONDER'. Unfortunately, Mike didn;t anticipate the large size of the membership of the S.F.S. and didn't send us enough copies. We are trying to overcome this by juggling a few copies about between members of the London Circle, and some of these, may go out with SFN 2. A note will be sent to Mike of anybody who fails to get a copy. 


SFNMinor. Pubished from 16, Wendover Way Welling, Kent.


L O N C O N !

The 1949 London Science Fantasy Convention

On Easter Saturday, April 16th, the Science Fantasy Society is holding the second British post war Convention, for all science-fiction and fantasy 'fans', authors and editors. Present plans include holding this Convention, the LONCON, at a hall in the Central London area from approximately 3pm to 10.30 pm.; having a buffet and bar available early in the evening; interesting talks and 'free for all' discussions and an auction of magazines and books.

Walter Gillings, editor of 'Fantasy Review', 'Fantasy', etc., will be the chairman.

If you are interested in the Convention, and want to help, join the LONCON SOCIETY! The membership subscription of 2/6d will entitle you to receive a programme giving time, place, and plans for the LONCON, and full reports afterwards in a special 'LONCONZINE' booklet.

If you are coming to the LONCON, a further 5/- (which includes buffet charges) will be required, and you must notify us of your intention to come by March 6th. The total 7/6d should reach us not later than April 2nd. These dates are important. 

Proceeds from the auction will be used by the Science Fantasy Society for the general benefit of 'fandom'. We would be very grateful for the donation of books and magazines for it.

If you've never been to an s-f convention before, here's your chance to meet other s-f readers and writers; get some of those books and magazines that you want; hear, other peoples views on fantasy and air your own opinions! Send your enquiries, subscription, etc,  to our Treasurer:-

A.Vincent Clarke, 16,Wendover Way, Welling, Kent.




Most of our readers will remember that last year's convention, the WHITCON was held in a room in the (in)famous WHITE HORSE TAVERN, scene of the weekly meetings of 'literary maniacs' (vide 'F.R.') calling themselves the London Circle.

Although without the frills and flourishes attached to U.S. conventions, (fancy dress balls, etc.) it was undoubtedly a great success. A very surprising feature was the number that turned up at very short notice. In fact, it turned out that both the space and the time (vide Einstein) could have been extended.

Bearing this in mind, three SFS Committee members Frank Fears, John Newman, (organiser of the Whitcon), and Vincent Clarke, formed a sub-committee, and established the LONCON Society. They then looked for suitable premises, and ran up against the commercial Facts Of Life. To hire a room or hall capable of holding say, 75, a minimum attendance figure of 50 has to be guaranteed.

As the holding of a yearly convention is a new venture in the U.K., and last year's 'short-notice' effort can not be taken as a guide, the Committee decided not to actually hire premises until they had a good estimate of the numbers likely to attend.

Therefore, a date had had to be fixed which will give those wishing to attend a chance to inform the Committee, and the Committee enough time to hire the hall. The details of this, as announced in the leaflet opposite, will probably be published towards the end of March.


Accompanying SFN 2 will be Norman Ashfield's 'ALEMBIC', a. very interesting two page 'zine, plus its four page supplement (!). Many thanks, Norman.